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NCAA Proposes New Rules for the 2013 and 2014 Seasons
In late July the NCAA Rules Committee announced new rule proposals for the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Those rules proposed include a change to the face-offs, a shot clock after a stall warning is given, quicker restarts and how the stick is strung to name a few. Check out the stories on or via the following links:
NCAA Rules Committee Proposes New Rules
Q&A: NCAA Rules Committee Chair John Hind
Faceoff Veterans React to Proposed Changes
Faceoff Specialists Unite in Opposition to Proposed Rule Changes

NFHS Announces Rule Changes for the 2013 Season
The NFHS Rules Committee has announced its rule changes and clarifications for the 2013 season. The rule changes focus on sportsmanship and risk minimization. The rule changes address checks to the head that are determined to be deliberate or reckless, for which the rule is now a 2-3 minute non-releasable penalty. Also addressed are the uniforms for officials and face-off issues. For more information please read the official press release from the NFHS that outlines the changes.

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