Pre-season meeting followup

Thank you again for taking the time to attend the preseason clinic this morning. We had a lot to go over and ran a little tight on time at the end. I failed to mention that our Rules Interpreter once again is Mike Ferrarini. Please send any rule situations or weird plays that may have made you think twice to him via email. We will compile a list and review them at our monthly board meeting. If you need an immediate answer feel free to contact myself or Mike and we will get back to you ASAP.
Eric Evans made a great point regarding the new NCAA rules. When we get our schedules in the coming weeks if you don’t see a Prep School on the list, don’t spend much time on the rules (especially new officials).  Focus on the NFHS rules to better prepare yourself for the season.  For the more experienced guys who do not do college, feel free to contact me by phone if you would like to discuss or have any questions regarding the NCAA rules. I have a break in my college schedule for the next 2 weeks so now is the time to get a hold of me if you have questions.
Meeting Dates:
April 8th 7pm Basketball HOF
May 6th 7pm Basketball HOF
As we discussed everyone must complete the Concussion Awareness Test. It is a yearly test that is mandated by the MIAA and is free of charge. This test is for the 2012-13 Academic year. If you already completed it for another sport then you are all set. I do not need a copy of the course completion form, it is on file and the MIAA will retrieve the list from the NFHS website. The link is below. If you have an issue contact me
Again,  Thank You and make sure you get Joe Nassar your dues. Do not make us chase you or you will risk losing your schedule.
Josh Walts
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