From Josh

I know im a little early but the 2014 NFHS video link is below. Please review before the meeting and prepare any questions you may have.

Also the MIAA required concussion video/quiz link is below. Please complete this before the first games. If you have already taken it for this calender school year for another sport you are all set.
Chuck will be taking orders for jackets, shirts and hats at the meeting.
Dues will remain at $75 for this season. Please bring check to meeting or mail to Joe Nassar. Please dont make me or Joe hunt you down. Lack of payment will result in lack of boardmembers gift.
Also keep these dates in mind:
March 2nd  Preseason meeting
March 9th  Springfield College HS Jamboree for new and less experienced officials.
March 17th——  Williston Lacrosse Camp. We provide services that we use for training
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