2014 preseason recap

Please see Rich Clark’s email dated today for details, but here are the highlights


1. Accept your assignments!
2. Turning back games: If you must turn back a game do it quickly.
3. Rain/snow games: Cancellations may come in late and will come by email.
4. The REF must contact all officials on his crew 24 hours before the game


1. Good two man mechanics requires great communication
2. Review who will do the counts before the game
3. Wing official covers both wings for jumps and their own goal
4. The trail covers late hits.  NEVER miss a late hit.
5. Count ahead for offsides.
6. Know the difference between NCAA and NFHS (see memo)


Be sure that you are proficient with the new rules (NCAA NFHS) for the 2014 season.

MIAA exceptions:

12 goal differential in the second half – running clock from then on, regardless of differential change
Time outs – Team with possession in offensive half or dead ball

Game reports:

Game reports are required in the event of an ejection or disqualification.

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