Watch for cancellations

From Randy “not the President anymore” Milou: At this time of year a lot of games will be getting cancelled, moved, or changed. Please make sure to communicate with each other and also make sure that the referee contacts the site administrator / AD to confirm games status and site at least a day prior to the game.

Communication for all games is essential.  

If you are assigned as the REF, please confirm with the UMP and then confirm with the school.  Don’t wait – contact the school at least 24 hours before the game.  When you contact the school, double check the location and time by telling them what you understand the location and time to be.  The easiest way is to forward the email reminder you get from the Arbiter to the school and ask them to confirm.  Once you have confirmation from the school, email the UMP and tell him when and where you expect to meet before the game.

If you assigned as the UMP, confirm with the REF right away.  Just send an email telling them you are confirming.

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