Blows to the head

CVYL rules warrant a 2-3 minute, non-releasable penalty for a blow to the head. Please be aggressive when making these calls.

Also please be mindful that blows to the head and defenseless hits draw an automatic 2-3 minute non-releasable penalty in NFHS games. We have all seen these hits this year. Call them aggressively, call them early and get the big hits out of the game.

We should also be able to distinguish a brush to the head (1 minute releasable) and a vicious, blatant or excessive hit to the head.

From Josh:

A routine slash that catches the player in the helmet SHOULD NOT BE COUNTED AS A BLOW TO THE HEAD. Unless the slash is blatant, or vicious, a routine slash call that catches the helmet is only 1 MINUTE releasable.

Also, If you have a flag down slow whistle at the closing seconds of the period and the ball is loose as the horn blows. Administer the penalty and the offended team starts with the ball over midfield at the start of the quarter. Remember, a flag down denotes possession.

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