Recap of May 6th meeting

Below is a recap of the meeting on Tuesday.

Get the late hits! Too many late hits happening lately. We need to stop ball watching and watch the shooter/passer if your in that position.

Email/Call your partner and the AD to confirm game time and location. Twice in the last week we had game time/location changes and everybody was on the wrong page.

We need to do a better job at arriving on time. We must be there at least 15 minutes early at the latest. Strive to be there at least 30 min early. I know its tough during the weekdays.

On the youth front: if you don’t like the fee or the form of payment from a town or organization. TOUGH SHIT. Many towns pay by check through the Park and Rec Dept. We have no control over it. if you don’t like the fee or being paid by check just respectfully decline the game. Don’t give them a rash of shit because you only make all of us like like idiots. If we find people doing this again I will contact Craig and you will lose HS games.

Banquet will be held on June 10th at Samuels at the HOF. 630pm. May 26th is deadline for you to reserve. Please let me know if your attending.

Josh Walts

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