Hall of Fame banquet will honor and Craig Brown and Bill Togneri.

As all know, the 2015 High School LAX season is fast approaching, and before we know it, we will be on the field.
One very special event is taking place on Wed. Jan 14.
The Western MA. US Lacrosse chapter is honoring 10 individuals into the Hall of Fame, and as you can see, 2 brother officials are being so honored, Craig Brown and Bill Togneri. Both of these individuals have had very strong impacts on many of our Officiating Careers, and have dedicated themselves to the game of Lacrosse. Congratulations to both of them….very well deserved!
He is asking for an RSVP for planning purposes, so please email Bob if you plan to attend. The RSVP is Jan. 2 (apologize for getting this out late), thus if you plan to go, please get in touch with Bob ASAP.
All the best, and I look forward to seeing all soon,
Happy Holidays! Please spread the word!
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