Opening year rules meeting – from Rick Clarke

Good morning, all,
I hope all are doing well entering 2015.
I wanted to be sure everyone had a confirmed date for this years mandatory Rules Clinic. This year, we will be have our clinic on Sunday March 15……please lock this date into your calendars.  More information on the clinic will be forth coming….we are planning to meet again at Western New England University.
We also are at the point of the year when we begin training for new officials, and our board is always interested in getting good, new candidates involved.  If any of you know anyone that may have an interest in officiating LAX in 2015, please email back and we can reach out.
FYI, we are around 60 days away from the 1st round of High school scrimmages and games………our first real game to be assigned is just 78 days away, March 26.
This is the time to begin starting to think about getting your body in motion, and trying to get your legs in shape and ready for the season. The better you prepare prior to the season, the better your chance to stay healthy.
Some of you do second sports in the winter, which is a great place to stay fit…..the key…try and get some consistent run/walk time in each week….
Also keep in mind that one of our biggest concerns every year is injuries….and most injuries that we all get are either in our lower legs (Achilles, Calfs) or Hamstrings.  Stretching is a key preventative measure here. As there are many different ways to stretch, I attached examples of some of the most important stretching exercises you can do on a regular basis to prepare your legs to begin running/walking and to get your muscles stretched out heading into the season.
Take a look at these and I hope they give you some good ideas……if you have any questions on these, please call or email back.
We are looking forward to seeing all soon……please email back any questions.
Happy new year…..think LAX,
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