Mandatory 2015 rules clinic date change

a. The Mandatory 2015 Rules Clinic, originally scheduled for Sunday March 15, has been moved to Sunday March 22.
b. The location will be Western New England University – Coffee and Muffins, etc. will be served starting at 8:30.
c. For planning purposes, please plan we will be starting promptly at 9:00, and we should be completed by 12:00.
d. To help all as you prepare for your season, you can spend a few minutes and watch the National Federation High School Video below.
e. Also attached is the 2015 Rule Changes memo/Points of Emphasis…please take a look through this…we will review at Clinic.

About 50 Days until the first official High School game….and there will be scrimmages prior.

Get the body in motion, start getting into the Rule book, and lets be ready to go day 1!

As well, if you haven’t done already, please log into your Arbiter, check ready to be assigned, and put in your Blocks if you have previous commitments you know about. As well, please double check your profile, and be sure your Phone Numbers and E-Mail addresses are correct…..this is how you get games……be sure they are updated.

NHF Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes 2015

NFHS Rules Interpretation video for 2015

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