2015 exam. Concussion certification.

The month of March and spring lacrosse is right around the corner.  You need no more evidence than this email from Rich:

As all know, LAX season is starting, with a full slate of College Games on the docket……High School and Prep School games are not far behind.
A couple things we wanted to follow up on:
(a.) The 2015 High School Lacrosse Exam…..also the NFHS Boys 2015 Rule Changes Memo approved by the committee, printed from Lax Power…and 2015 NFHS rules clarification.
Please complete the exam by the 3/22 and bring it to the clinic. Some of you may have already taken the HS Exam….if so, you do not need to take again.
You can take the exam one of 2 ways:
  a. Print test, circle your answer – hand in to either myself or Randy at the clinic.
  b. Save the test on your hard drive, re-open, then go through and high-light your answers, and save…..once completed, please email to Randy or I…..we will grade them, and hand in the completed list to Craig.
Please note – to be certified by the MIAA, you are required to complete an exam. It is open book….again, lets get the all in by 3/22, or hand in at clinic. I know the College Guys have completed the NCAA rules exam….we would ask that you go through and do the HS exam as well…..thanks
## Note – I know some of you will ask about the new Rule Books…..if you don’t have one, you will get these at the clinic…..please use last years books for the exam….and follow the rules changes memos attached.
(b.) Concussion Certification – all officials need to have completed the NFH concussion course in order to officiate in the state of MA. If you completed this course in the Fall, you are not required to re-take in the spring.
The course is free…..it takes about 20 minutes. If you have already taken in the Fall, please let Randy or I know at the clinic so we can include in the summary to Craig….if not, please sit down and watch it.
(c). Key dates to be sure you have on your schedule:
  1. SUNDAY March 22 – Mandatory Clinic – WNU – 9:00 to 12:30
  2. SUNDAY March 15 – Springfield College Jamboree – Times will be forth coming.
  3. Thursday March 19 through Sunday March 22 – Williston Academy Pre-Season Camp/Games – 2 games every day.

We will be emailing out requests for Availability soon for both the Springfield College and Williston events, and ask for folks to sign up….lets all sign up for as much Pre-Season Work as we can, and enter the season ready to go.


(d) The Arbiter – once again, we will be using the Arbiter as our scheduling tool…….PLEASE – everyone log on to Arbiter, plug in any BLOCK dates you have, and THEN – VERY IMPORTANT – click Ready to be Assigned.

Craig will be getting the schedules in the next 3-4 weeks, and he cannot assign you games unless you click this….as well,PLEASE go to your profile, and update your Email address and Cell Phone Number. With all the snow we have had, there are bound to be cancellations, re-schedules, etc. Don’t be the one that says “I never got contacted” only to find out the email or cell number you have in your profile is wrong…please check it.


That’s it….email back or call with questions.

Stay safe and warm,


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