Clinic follow up

From Rich:

Good morning, all,
I wanted to touch base and thank all for coming down to the HS Clinic yesterday.
We packed an awful lot into a short window, and hopefully everybody feels more comfortable with the rules and mechanics we are looking to use for 2015.
A couple of quick things that I wanted to touch base on:
a. First, Great News……Congratulations to Randy and his wife for the birth of Baby #2…..Avery Ryann Milou, she was born 3/23 at 3:35am, 7lbs, 5oz – everyone is doing great.
b. Second, Meeting Dates – I have looked through the PVIAC Game schedules, and the dates I would like to schedule our next HS meetings are as follows:
 1. Monday April 13 – see below…..we have 3 games that day, all starting at 4:00. I am guessing that we should be able to get a good turn-out, though I do know Monday are still Youth Days.   The focus on the 13th meeting will be Game Films, looking at situations…..please try and keep this day reserved for our meeting….if you are unable to make meetings, you are required to email Randy or myself to notify us.
 2. Tuesday May 5 – Again, this is a very light day for PVIAC Games, with 4 games being played, and all starting at 4:00, thus lets plan this date.
I will finalize the meeting sites as we get closer.
Please be sure all have taken the Concussion Course, and have gotten in your HS Exam answers to get certified.
Games are going to be released soon….lets please try and accept these games right away so Craig can make the adjustments to schedules asap.
Expect games to be moved, canceled, etc…..this time of the year, you should be checking Arbiter frequently.
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