PVIAC/MIAA reminders

a. PVIAC Mercy Rule – thus far, we have had 2 blow out games that have required us to initiate the MIAA/PVIAC 12 goal Mercy Rule. At the Rules Clinic, we did communicate the Mercy Rule starts at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, and regardless of the Goal Differential, the Game Clock continues to run……THE PVIAC RULING HAS CHANGED THIS YEAR…. a Coach on the losing end has voiced to us that the PVIAC changed the ruling, and will follow the National Federation Rules…..I have researched this….coach is Correct….the Federation rule 3/1/2 states that “After the First Half, any time the score differential reaches 12 goals or more, starting with the whistle resuming play, the clock will only be stopped for a team time out, officials time out, or an injury time out. Should the score differential be reduced to fewer that 12 goals, then normal play will resume”. This DOES NOT apply to prep school games playing NCAA rules. PVIAC Spring Changes for Boys Lacrosse below.
Hence, slight change to last year……if you get to a 12 goal differential in the 2nd half, please be sure the clock operators know the procedure.
Any questions, please email back.
b. Game Attire – Guys, when you are on the field, with a partner, you are a team representing WMLOA. Lets please be sure we take some pride in our appearance on the field. If your partner is wearing long black pants, then you should as well. Same on the shirts…..you should both have either Long Sleeve or Short sleeve on…as well, take a look at your shirts, and lets please try and have the WMLOA Patches on our sleeves…..if you need patches, please contact Josh. Coaches and Players do notice right away if the officials look sharp….first impressions are key……the Referee on the game will always make the final decision on attire. We have not had any issues, I am just mentioning this as when we start many of these games, you may have back to back games on Grass Fields…..and you WILL get Muddy….get home, clean it all up…..be ready for the next game.
Remember to email any situations to George Shaheen so he can post for all to read.
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