Meeting Monday, April 13

From Rich:

I wanted to touch base and remind all that our next meeting is this Monday night, April 13….the meeting will be at the Basketball Hall of Fame, in the Theater.
I would like to start the meeting at 6:30 sharp…..and lets plan on around a 1 hour meeting, and out the door for 7:30.
Please – anyone that has not handed in their HS Tests…please get in to Randy….
Here is the agenda we will cover:
a. MIAA/PVIAC Rules Review – differences, other areas.
b. Game Review – quick update on the games to date.
c. Conduct Fouls/Unsportsmanship fouls – already a few coaches/players are pushing the envelope…lets be consistent as a group on how we call.
d. Preventive Officiating – We will look a situations on the field where we can head off an ugly situation or fouls…look at examples.
e. Situations – please take a look at the questions/situations that George has put together….these are all real situations….we will go over..discuss how we handle.
e. Misc – other business
### Time permitting, we will watch some “you make the call” videos from the US Lax Library and other areas.
Good luck this weekend,
Maybe shorts finally,
SITUATIONS – from George – Please keep in mind what ruling / AR these questions fall under, for discussion at meeting.a. Situation 1 – Team B commits a Loose Ball Push – Play On –  the ball remains on the ground – Team A player come in and cross-checks team B player while ball still loose – Flag Down – what happens next? Who goes in the Box?
b. Situation 2 – Team A commits a Slash – Flag Down – ball does not hit the ground in attack box (HS) or anywhere (NCAA), and Team B slashes Team A – ball still has not touched the ground – What do you do next?
c. Situation 3 – Team B Attack moves behind Team A goal, makes a move, and comes around goal and fires shot – Ball goes in goal – in the act of finishing his shot, the Team B players’ Glove comes off – what do you have, Goal or No Goal – Why? Same play, and the player Shoots and the Head of his Stick Flys off, and the ball goes in – Goal, No Goal?
d. Situation 4 – loose ball outside the crease, attackman hits goal’ s stick ? What do you have – what is the mechanic ?  Ball loose,  inside the crease , attackman hits goalie ‘s stick – what is the mechanic?
e. Situation 5 – shot on goal – ball bounces off goalie then lands outside the crease – defense gains possession of the ball – is the legally checked with the ball and his foot touches the crease.
What do you have -Give mechanic with ruling.

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