WMLOA Rules Clinic, Sunday March 6

Good morning, everyone.
I hope all are well.
I wanted to touch base and confirm this Sunday’s 2016 WMLOA Rules Clinic – as you all know, this is a key year at the High School/Federation level, as there are many changes taking place that will need to be understood prior to taking the field. Below find the Agenda we plan to review at the Clinic…..we are packing a good deal into a short time slot, but these areas are all important.
Attached find the US Lacrosse High School rules exam – this is a requirement by the MIAA for certification, and needs to be completed and handed in. I will make some copies for the meeting as well. Lets plan to have this completed and handed in by Monday March 28 (which will be the first WMLOA meeting – we will go over our 2 meeting dates and locations Sunday).
As well, especially for those that do Prep Games….attached is an exam put together on the Rules Differences – this exam is OPTIONAL – but I do recommend going through…..I will send the answers in a few weeks.
We look forward to seeing all……get yourselves into the book, and get your bodies in motion…..stretch, exercise….lets all commit to being ready physically and rules wise for Game One!
See you Sunday, Rich
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