Concussion course

A couple of quick notes:
a. Some of you have requested more info on the Concussion Course – this is a FREE course offered… must, though, register at the link below to be eligible to take the course….I actually reset my password today, and took the course again….21 minutes… on this link, register, put the course into the cart, and take it…call with questions.
b. Our next meeting for WMLOA will be Monday March 28 – we will do this meeting somewhere in the Northampton, South Hadley area…..I will follow up with the agenda and location early this week….remember, please do the open book Federation exam…..good test – some very good questions….we will collect at meeting.
c. Craig is in the process of doing assignments – lets do our best to LIMIT the give backs due to dates not being blocked out on the arbiter.
Get your phones and calendars out, look through the end of May, and see when you can’t work…and block the dates on Arbiter….it takes a few minutes on all our parts, but it eliminates more stress for Craig and all of us later.
Scrimmage schedules will be coming……get moving, get on the field prior to taking games.
Lets make this another great WMLOA LAX season.
Talk soon, Rich
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