From Rich:

Good morning, gang,
Nice job all last night coming to the WMLOA meeting – 43 guys at a meeting shows that the guys on this board care about LAX and doing a good job on the field….the E Board appreciates it.
Here is a simple recap to just make sure all are on the same page:
a. Face Offs – Prior to game starting, and after to talk to the coaches and captains…request a meeting with the face off players. IMPORTANT – this is strictly to check the Tape on stick. Get it done prior to start of game.
b. Over Back – Restart – Federation, not prep – the Trail will blow whistle, make over back call…..we will slow this restart down slightly….get the 5 yard separation – then give re-start up to new Trail by looking at him and acknowledging him….then get to your lead and position.
c. Communication – Umpire and/or field judge will contact Referee on game at least one day prior to game…this includes JV – email is fine, texting as well…early season, Long Black Pants are OK….but….you both need to have them on….if you both have shorts, and only one person has long pants, you are wearing shorts….we don’t care if it is 20 degrees…..THUS….take the time to pack your bags, include it all.
d. Field Issues – if there is an issue out there (fight, etc.) that requires ejection forms, or if there was an major issue during the game, etc. CALL OR EMAIL CRAIG right after game – our assigner does not want surprises.,then EMAIL OR TEXT Randy and I ….things happen during the course of the season…let us know what is going on.
e. Mentors – Woodie – nice job putting this together – mentors – really take the time to get our rooks up and running – Mentees – call your mentors, discuss plays, situations –
f. Observations – Risty is heading this up, and Eric Conz will be helping – much of these will be un-announced – not to surprise you, but to allow Dave and observers to not have you alter from your normal mechanics and calls. WELCOME these observations! If in life, someone could give you 3-4 things to make you better, you would love it (I know, except from your wife…LOL)…..but – Dave and the observers will make you a better official……get better!.
g. Finally, 3 man mechanics – Georgie, nice job!
Guys, this was a very simple overview of 3 man – focused on positioning – several of you will be doing 3 man prep school games this year…..and this is a first experience for you.
Like George said – KEEP IT SIMPLE – I will give you a little tip on getting more comfortable before your 3 Man Games – many of us did this:
(a.) DVR or Tape a TV game – (b.) Take (1) 3 x 5 card, and put three separate boxes (c)Right down the 4-5 things that each officiating position is responsible for (example –Single Side – counts, Trail, count ahead, Lead, GLE, etc) (d) now, every transition, and then when settled, watch the officials, not the game – say “new lead, he has this….Single, this, Trail, this..and then watch and see what the guys on the field are doing….and then it is time for your game, and you are now on the field, and your game starts….you have “TRAINED” yourself for the 4-5 most important things you SHOULD BE DOING in each position- then you just call the game…….Trust me, it works.
All, have a great start to the season, call with issues, HAVE FUN!
Thanks for efforts,
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