Opening meeting recap

From Randy Milou

1. Josh Waltz was voted in as our new Vice President.

Jim Wood and Joe Nassar kept their respective positions on the board.

2. Future meetings this season will be:

a. 4/11/11 – WNEC – 7pm
5/2/11 – Taproom in South Hadley – 7pm
5/23/11 – WNEC – 7pm
Banquet – TBD

3. Short Socks will be allowed after May 1. Socks should be white and extend 2 inches above the shoe. Referee has final decision on wearing of short socks or long socks. Long socks shall be worn for ALL playoff games.

4. Uniforms are likely to change next year to coinside with the new NCAA uniforms (black shorts and black short socks). Final decision will be made very soon.

5. Rules Video’s can be found at

6. The membership has voted that individually we will contest the PVIAC’s changes to the length of sub-varsity contests. At this time, we have decided to send an email saying that we are going to turn back all JV games (the actually turning back of the games is not yet decided upon). A sample email will be sent shortly that can be used to express your concerns to the PVIAC. (We are hoping that this matter will be resolved quickly so as to not interupt the season).

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. Thank you.
Randy Milou
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