Concussion course

A couple of quick notes:
a. Some of you have requested more info on the Concussion Course – this is a FREE course offered… must, though, register at the link below to be eligible to take the course….I actually reset my password today, and took the course again….21 minutes… on this link, register, put the course into the cart, and take it…call with questions.
b. Our next meeting for WMLOA will be Monday March 28 – we will do this meeting somewhere in the Northampton, South Hadley area…..I will follow up with the agenda and location early this week….remember, please do the open book Federation exam…..good test – some very good questions….we will collect at meeting.
c. Craig is in the process of doing assignments – lets do our best to LIMIT the give backs due to dates not being blocked out on the arbiter.
Get your phones and calendars out, look through the end of May, and see when you can’t work…and block the dates on Arbiter….it takes a few minutes on all our parts, but it eliminates more stress for Craig and all of us later.
Scrimmage schedules will be coming……get moving, get on the field prior to taking games.
Lets make this another great WMLOA LAX season.
Talk soon, Rich
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Williston scrimmages

Good evening, all,
First, thanks to all who worked this past weekend….
The next set scrimmages for WMLOA are this weekend…..
Williston Academy will be having 2 full Scrimmage Games/Game Situations coming:
A. Friday March 18 4:30..- Williston vs. Amherst High School – I have 2 senior officials assigned to this game to conduct a pre-game and rules/mechanic review.
Jim Dunleavy and John Budynkiewicz have agreed to work this game, and will be at the locker at the school at3:45…..this is an excellent opportunity for anyone to get some time on the field, as well as getting more time for the new officials.
B. Sunday March 204:30 Williston vs. Longmeadow – George Shaheen and I will be running the pre-game here, and we will be focusing on 2 mechanics, and new rules.
Gents, all that come to the games will get time on the field…. …I am really hoping that as many of the newer officials make the effort the effort to get there. This will be a good chance to get some excellent training, and get the key time on the field….
All officials, including vets, are encouraged to come… get some time blowing the whistle.
IMPORTANT – I need you to email if you plan to attend so I can confirm.
Thanks, Rich
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Concussion test

I am been asked to send out the link for the Concussion Course mandated by the MIAA.
See below….reminder, it is for school year (if you took in Fall, you are covered)….you do need to take it…it is required.
Don’t be the official that has an unfortunate Head Injury to a player on the field, and the family attorney requests copies of your concussion certification, and you say “I was too busy to take”…it takes 20 minutes.
Get it done please.
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Springfield College Jamboree

From Craig:

Men–The Springfield College High School Jamboree is this Sunday running from 8 am until at least 6 pm (I don’t have the schedule yet).  This is a great opportunity to get some work on the field before the season starts, and it is an absolute necessity for first year officials.  Please provide me with your availability (morning or afternoon) as soon as possible.  There are a lot of games to cover and we need as many volunteers as possible, so please make every effort to provide availability.  I will send out the overall schedule by the end of the week.  Thank you all very much.


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March 29 Pre-game Webinar with Brian Abbott

Register for A Big Call is Still Just a Call on Mar 29, 2016 8:30 PM EDT at:

“Brian Abbott discusses importance of a solid pre-game as the cornerstone of the crew getting the call right at the critical moment of the game, and being able to focus and officiate after the “big” call is made. Join officials from across the country as Brian details his pre-game preparations, and how he approaches making calls on some of the biggest stages that…

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Good morning,
Several of you have emailed or called… could not open the rule changes….See below…the HS rule change link I sent was a web-archive link….I copied and paste for you to review…below as well is the Video we will be watching….if you want to watch prior to meeting, see you Sunday, Rich
Also see Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes – 2016 at the NFHS site.
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Please update your availability on the Arbiter

Men–If you have not yet updated your personal information and availability in arbiter please do so ASAP.  If you do not intend to officiate this year please let me know.  Thanks very much.


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WMLOA Rules Clinic, Sunday March 6

Good morning, everyone.
I hope all are well.
I wanted to touch base and confirm this Sunday’s 2016 WMLOA Rules Clinic – as you all know, this is a key year at the High School/Federation level, as there are many changes taking place that will need to be understood prior to taking the field. Below find the Agenda we plan to review at the Clinic…..we are packing a good deal into a short time slot, but these areas are all important.
Attached find the US Lacrosse High School rules exam – this is a requirement by the MIAA for certification, and needs to be completed and handed in. I will make some copies for the meeting as well. Lets plan to have this completed and handed in by Monday March 28 (which will be the first WMLOA meeting – we will go over our 2 meeting dates and locations Sunday).
As well, especially for those that do Prep Games….attached is an exam put together on the Rules Differences – this exam is OPTIONAL – but I do recommend going through…..I will send the answers in a few weeks.
We look forward to seeing all……get yourselves into the book, and get your bodies in motion…..stretch, exercise….lets all commit to being ready physically and rules wise for Game One!
See you Sunday, Rich
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Interested in officiating?

Interested in officiating?  Come join us!  Training will start in January, but it’s never too early to contact us.

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Official needed at Soccer City in Wilbraham

We are looking for a Ref for tomorrow at soccer city from 9 am to 1.

Please have them reach out to Greg at soccer city his number is 413-209-0906

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